You cannot specifically request priority processing for an offshore Partner visa, subclass 309/100. The Department’s view is that all Partner visa applications are equal and will be processed in line with the date of application lodgement date.

Recently, The Department of Immigration and Border Protection announced that decision ready applications that were lodged onshore may be given priority allocation.

What about applications that were previously lodged offshore?

The Department has not made any announcements whether Partner applications that were lodged offshore may be given priority if they are decision ready.

HOWEVER, this morning we received a PARTNER VISA GRANT for a client who used our services for an offshore partner visa application which was lodged 6 months ago! Yes, 6 months ago! Of course, we made sure it was a complete application.

What is a decision ready application?

It is an application which consists comprehensive evidence of documents and items for all requirements set in Migration Regulations.

Can I take steps to make my application a decision ready myself?

Yes, however, in every Partner case when a client has said to us: “My documents are all prepared”, we always had to go an extra mile or a few to make it in fact a decision ready application.

It has been reported that there are more than 80,000 partner visa applications pending in the system and considering Department recently increased the standard processing time for the partner visa category to being of between 12 and 18 months.

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