Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa

What is the temporary sponsored parent visa?
This visa addresses community concerns about wait times under existing parent visa arrangements.
This visa will allow temporary stay of sponsored parents for periods for up to tree or five years. This visa can be applied for more than once, but the maximum stay is ten years total. This visa will be introduced in November 2017, and 15,000 visas will be made available annually.
This visa does not replace existing Parent category visas.

Who is eligible?
This visa is for parents or step-parents of Australian permanent residents, Australian citizens and eligible New Zealand Citizens.
Temporary residents will not be able to sponsor their parents.
A step-parent is only eligible if he or she is married or in a de-facto relationship with the biological parent of the sponsoring child. A maximum of two people can be sponsored for this visa.

What requirements must a parent meet to be granted a temporary sponsored parent visa?
To be granted this visa, a person must satisfy requirements.
- Their Australian child must be approved as sponsor
- Identity, health and character requirements must be met
- Not have any outstanding public debt in Australia

What requirements must a sponsor meet?
- Be a biological, step-child or adoptive child of their parent
- Prove valid evidence of identity
- Be Australian permanent resident, citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen
- Be at least 18 years old
- Have lived in Australia for no less than four years
- Meet the household income requirement
- Meet character requirements
- Accept legal liability for any outstanding public health debt their sponsored parent accrues

In addition to the abovementioned, sponsors must agree to undertake certain obligations in relation to those they are sponsoring.

How do I make a sponsorship application?
Applications for temporary sponsored parent visas will be available online through ImmiAccount.

How does this visa differ from existing parent visa arrangements?
Under this new arrangement, the visa applications and sponsorship will be assessed separately and before the visa application can be made, a person has to be approved as a sponsor.
Prospective sponsors and visa applicants will be subject to several criteria which must be met before an application can be approved or granted. 

What are the fees and charges?
Five year visa: AUD10,000
Three year visa: AUD5,000

Is there an English language requirement?
There is no English language requirement.

Will visa holders be able to work or study?
Working while on this visa, is not allowed.
Short-term informal studies are allowed, but not formal full-time courses.