A high refusal rate for this occupation (ANZSCO 142111) is being reported by fellow practitioners.

One of the reasons frequently being given for refusal is that the duties of the role presented are more consistent with the occupation Retail Supervisor rather than Retail Manager and that business owners/directors in fact maintain managerial control even if not regularly in the business.

Those refusals seem to be across the board in all states and seem to follow a standard template letter. Obviously a policy decision!

Often Case Officers add a few comments of their own.

Franchise business claiming a Retail Manager are being hard hit.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (“AAT”) is overturning a significant number of those refusals.

If you are seeking to avid the large cost and delay of an appeal to the AAT detailed submissions and evidence are strongly advised to be lodged with application.


Procedures Advice Manual (PAM 3) [Divison 5.3/ Regulation 5.19, Migration Regulations 1994] details DHA policy on approval of employer nominations


Experienced Registered Migration Agents are able to advise you and guide you around these problems.