Taken from The Department of Home Affairs, “DHA”, 29 May 2010


Occupation ceilings were introduced on 1 July 2012 allowing the Government to invite a limited number of applicants for the following two (2) points-tested visas:

o   Skilled Independent (subclass 189)

o   Skilled Regional (Provisional) (subclass 498)


Occupation ceilings are currently calculated by applying the agreed ‘multiplier’ to stock employment figures.

The agreed multiplier is 6% for most occupations.

However, there is a reduced ceiling for some occupations that, by nature, if the government issued enough invitations to reach this 6% ceiling – would dominate the programme.  Namely, Engineers, Accountants, IT professionals and Chefs.

For example, two reduced occupation ceilings are:

o   Chefs  -  3%

o   Accountants  - 2.5%

The occupations that are subject to a significantly reduced ceiling must be pro-rated over the course of the year.


In general, visa places are limited and for certain occupations, the chances of receiving an invitation to migrate to Australia are particularly difficult.

Required points needed for pro rata occupation invitations have known to be very high (70 or 75 points).

This encourages certain occupations to seek other avenues to gain permanent residence, such as the Employer Sponsored programme.


The minimum ceiling level for all occupations is 1000 invitations.

Applicants have a transparent view of the number of occupations left for their particular occupation.


Occupation ceilings ensure the skilled migration programme is not dominated by a narrow group of occupations. No invitations will be sent for the occupations that reach 100% of their ceiling.

The ceiling will reset to zero on 1st of July every year.


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