Generally speaking, if you are a permanent resident who has held a permanent residence visa for the last 12 months, and has resided in Australia for the last 4 years, then you may be eligible for Australian Citizenship.

Applying for the citizenship

Your application involves submitting a number of documents, including a proof of identity such as passport, and supporting papers that stipulate you have not been convicted of any serious crimes or placed on a bond.

The Citizenship test

You will then be given an appointment to see an officer of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, who will also verify your documents to make sure you have not missed any important papers.

A Citizenship test will usually be held at the same time, which requires a pass rate of 75 per cent or more, which is at least 15 out of the 20 multiple-choice questions they ask. The questions refer to issues that affect how the country operates, from judicial to legislative, as well as Australian customs such as when the national day of celebration is. The result of the test will be available to you immediately after the test.

The Citizenship ceremony

Should you be successful in the test, in about three to four months, you will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony. Your Citizenship Certificate will be handed to you on that day. If you do not meet residence requirements you may still be approved if you meet a certain exceptions.

Your rights and responsibilities as an Australian citizen

Becoming an Australian citizen entitles you to many rights and responsibilities including voting in elections and referendums, seeking assistance from Australian offices overseas, standing for federal public offices (APS).

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We offer free short preliminary phone assessments to advise you on eligibility and discuss your best options.


We offer free short preliminary phone assessments to advise you on eligibility and discuss your best options.