Subclass 187


To obtain this visa you must:

  • Find an employer in a regional area
  • Obtain a sponsorship from that employer

3 streams for subclass 187

  • Transition (from subclass 457 after 2 years)
  • Direct entry
  • Agreement stream (labour agreement)

Direct entry is the favoured way to go if you meet requirements. There is no 457 pathway requirement and is more cost effective.


  • Regional certifying body application
  • Nomination application
  • 187 visa application

You must have

  • Age under 50 years
  • Competent english / IELTS
  • Employment to be performed in regional area
  • Skills assessment for some occupations
  • Licensing where necessary 
  • The employer should be established, sound and generally an employer of local labour.
  • Nomination
  • Occupation is anything on skill level 1, 2 or 3 in ANZSCO
  • Regional area
  • Work must be undertaken in a regional area generally not a capital city but whole of Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania (it is not necessary that you reside in the regional area the whole of the time).

New businesses

Can be approved even if in operation for less than 12 months. Greater onus of proof is needed.

Requirements of nominee

  • Character
  • English language 
  • Requisite skills / evidence of work references, c.v. and any qualifications
  • Skills assessment for certain occupations (see attached table of requirements for skills assessment)
  • Https://
  • If your occupation is not on the list requiring skills assessment, you must show “indicative” skill level in Australia,  eg. If you don’t hold 2 years on job training you could substitute 2 years’ post qualification experience after obtaining the qualification by recognition of prior learning.
  • 6 months for 187 visa
  • Can be lodged jointly with the nomination or within 6 months of approved of nomination.

The regional certifying body (RCB)

See regulations 1994
Regs 5.19 (4) and 5.19 (7)
Issued 5th may 2016
Immi 16 / 045

The assessment must determine that the application is genuine. The RCB stipulated for the regional area. 

  • See Schedule B list of RCBs. Issues for assessment:
  • Need for paid employee relevant to the business
  • Cannot be ruled by anyone in area (advertising)
  • No less favourable terms to similar employee in business or area

Various requirements for different RCBs

  • See the rcb requirements
  • Different check lists

How to find a sponsor

If you are prepared to invest in the business eg. Acquire 50% or more of the shares in a café or restaurant, you could have the company sponsor you.
There are many other requirements or regulations that may affect you. 
Consult an experienced registered migration agent to guide you through the process.

Table of requirements for skills assessment