Ther are 3 Subclasses based on the points test:

  • 189 - Skilled Independent (Permanent)
  • 190 - Skilled Nominated (Permanent)
  • 489 - Skilled Regional (Provisional)

Theses visas do not need an employer sponsor and are based on meeting a points test.

  • 190 - Requires State or Territory sponsorship
  • 489 - State Government Sponsorship OR relative in "designated area"

A higher point score gives you a better chance of an early visa invitation to your Expression of Interest.

It is important to score maximum points in the age category.


Points for Work Experience:

Up to 20 points can be gained for work experience in any combination form the following table.

Definition of 'Employed':    

  • paid employment
  • minimum 20 hours per week
  • nominated occupation or closely related
  • at skilled level (after deemed qualification date)
  • in Australia work must be lawful
  • voluntary work, extended leave (e.g. maternity) cannot be counted
  • cannot combine


Work experience in Nominated Occupation

Check the ANZCO Code - must be closely related.

For example, Accountants (Unit Group 2211)

  • 221111        General Accountant
  • 221113       Taxation Accountant

Any combination of these may be regarded as 'closely related'.

Combinations of work experience can be counted and a progression within the same unit group can be satisfactory.

For example: Engineer - Chief Engineer - CEO Engineer. Detailed documentation of the tasks performed will be required.


'Deemed' Skilled Employment'     

Two Components   

  • Tasks and duties match ANZCO    
  • Post qualification

Skills Assessing Authority  

  • For example: VETASSESS, ACS - can give an opinion on skilled employment and the date in which the skilled level was achieved.
  • Check by making an application as to whether the occupation in, say, the last 10 years was 'closely related'
  • The department will follow the opinion of skills assessing authority.

Post Qualification           

  • Commences after entry level qualification.
  • Qualification by RPL - the deeming date in the skills assessment or the ANZCO is relevant.
  • Registration may apply.

Subclass 190/489 - Extra points for State Nomination  

  • Schedule 1 - Nomination by State or Territory Government.
  • Time of decision nomination must not have been withdrawn.       
  • Points - Subclass 190= 5 points / Subclass 489= 10points

The Expression of Interest (E.O.I)

The E.O.I does not require documents and evidence to be produced. However, it is very important that evidence is available to substantiate the points claimed.

Public Interest Criteria 4020 may result in a re-entry ban for supplying false or misleading information, even innocently!

It is important to thoroughly prepare all of the documents and evidence for the E.O.I.

An experienced Registered Migration Agent can guide you through this minefield!