A number of good news have been announced regarding the Working Holiday Visa program, effective 1 January 2017.

The main announcement: the age limit will be raised to 35 (instead of 30 today)

Other news regarding the WHV

More flexibility regarding the 6 months maximum contract length

Currently established at working 6 months maximum for the same employer. From January 1st, if the employer has premises in other regions, the employee can work in another region for an extra 6 months maximum

Lower tax rate

The tax rate will be reduced to 19%, against 32.5% at the moment, for all salaries under AU$37,000. Above AU$30,000, normal tax rates apply.

However, contribution to superannuation will be taxed at 95% when you leave the country.

Lower visa fee

The visa fee is reduced to AU$390, representing a saving of AU$50.